Feature Products


Tackle International Weighted 1 Way Slider & Stopper

These are origional Tackle International 1 way sliders and stoppers, handmade from 500lb Japanese marine grade stainless steel. The weighted sliders have a 30gr bean sinker attached to them. The swivels we have used are tested at 200lb. Our slide stoppers are handmade from 300lb marine grade stainless steel, attached to a 200lb solid ring and a 50lb tested swivel.

Jade Assasin Popper
Poison Dart Stickbait
Pugnacious Pink Popper

These limited edition handcrafted poppers and stickbaits are designed and manufactured for Tackle International. They are handmade from hardwood mahogany. Their weights complete with the split rings and hooks are approximately as follows:

Jade Assisin Popper - 70g, Poison Dart Stickbait - 55g and Pugnacious Pink Popper - 55g. They are all lined from top to bottom with 200lb breaking strain stainless steel wire, they are finished with a 100 kg tested swivels and 100 kg tested split rings. The hooks are made in Korea from 3x strength grade wire. They allow for the lure to glide naturally through the water. Our hooks are uncompromising in strength. Their vacuum tinned finished with short shank, super sharp corrosion resistant needle points, make these your ultimate popper and stickbait hooks.

Grapnel Sinkers

8oz, 6oz and 4oz grapnel sinkers, perfect for slidebait fishing or  for holding the bottom in high current waterways.

       Tackle International     Fishing Hat
The Australian sun can be harsh, this Tackle International fishing hat will keep the sun at bay whilst you are out on the water or casting baits land based. This hat is made from light weight material, comes in either black or white and will keep your head cool.