5 x Weighted 1 Way Sliders & Stoppers

5 x Weighted 1 Way Sliders & Stoppers

For all you slide baiting enthusiasts, Tackle International brings you our original weighted one way sliders. If you slide bait off a wharf, beach, cliff or into a river; using live or dead baits these sliders are for you. Weighted sliders are perfectly suited for waterways that do not have much current or for days when you are fishing with really small live baits or even dead baits. 

How it works:

Cast the grapnel sinker as far as you can, lock it into the sea bed, pin your bait to the hook, attach the slider to the mainline and let it slide into the strike zone.

Our sliders are the easiest to attach, once a you hook up to a fish our sliders will not detach from your mainline and you'll fight the fish on our 300lb slide stopper!

These sliders are handmade from 500lb Japanese marine grade stainless steel, 30gr lead bean sinker and 100kg tested swivel.

The slide stoppers are handmade from 300lb Japanese marine grade stainless steel, a 200lb tested solid ring and a 50lb tested swivel